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This page contains RISC OS applications and modules that have been converted to 32 bit by David J. Ruck. (except where stated). In some cases without permission of the original authors, who I have not been able to contact. If you are the author or copyright holder of any of these progams, please contact me so I can pass on to you the necessary changes. I will remove software if there are any objections to it being here.

Some programs require the 32 bit Shared C Library. Many of the programs will no longer work on pre-ARM6 (RISC OS 3.1) machines, the original 26 bit versions should be used on these machines. All programs have been tested under RISC OS Select and RISC OS 5 on the Iyonix. I am not offering support for the programs themselves, but if problems are found with the conversion please let me know.

My !ARMalyser utility has been used in the conversion of many of these programs.

Many thanks to Stuart Halliday and Quantum Software for hosting this page.

Program     Original Version     Conversion
Date     Description
!FreeTime     1.14
Joseph Heenan     14-Dec-2002     Updates the CMOS clock from a remote NTP server.
This is here temporarily until Joseph updates his website
TimeServer     0.01 (03 Jan 1999)
Joseph Heenan     01-Sep-2003     Allows other machines to synchronise their clocks with this one using !FreeTime.
This is here temporarily until Joseph updates his website
!WebGet     0.18 (25 Mar 2001)
Joseph Heenan     0.19 (21-Feb-04)     Recusive website fetcher.
Converted by Richard Spencer.
This is here temporarily until Joseph updates his website
!MouseScale     2.04 (19 Aug 1994)
Nick Jarman & Roger Spooner     2.06 (21-Apr-2007)     Implements mouse movement acceleration - accurate movement at slow speeds or fast speed moves pointer even further. Includes !ScalerOff by Jeremy C B Nicoll.
!MoveWind     0.12 (28-Feb-93)
Andrew Brooks & Nick Smith     0.13 (21-Jan-2003)     Move a window by dragging any part with Ctrl+Shift held down. Will also bring to front if Ctrl+Shift+Select used.
!OScliD     1.06
Chris Rutter (Sadly deceased)     13-Jan-2002     Server to enable the use of *commands on remote machines, with RISC OS and unix clients.
!ResSave     2.30 (04-Dec-95)     16-Nov-2002     Creates ResourceFS modules.
!ThrowBack     1.10 (9th Dec 1992)
Joe Taylor     03-Jan-2003     Enables BASIC programs to generate error throwbacks. Essential for BASIC developers.
DogGlass     4.07 (16 Oct 1992)
Jon Ribbins     4.10 (23-Apr-2007)     Module to turn the hourglass in to a cute animated running doggy.
Now implements *HOn and *HOff commands.
AltClick     1.00 (29 Aug 1996)
David Walker     2.00 (19-Dec-2002)     Brings windows to the top of the stack by clicking with ALT held down anywhere in the window. Altered to use Wimp_PollIdle to reduce CPU Load.
Chimes     2.10 (28 Feb 1995)
Richard Hudson     2.11 (18-Jan-2003)     Sound effect module. (Created with !SoundCon)
OSSys     1.70 (12 Nov 1989)     2.50 (01-Jan-2003)     Enabled SWI's to be issued from the command line.
Fix to original version which used self modifying code (but happened to work on a StrongARM anyway). Extended to allow the use of R0 to R9 as parameters for issuing OS_Hardware calls.
SaveWritable     1.00 (20 Nov 1997)     2.00 (23-Dec-2002)     Allows the text of an icon to be saved via a standard save box when Shift+Ctrl+Menu is pressed.
Altered to use Wimp_PollIdle to reduce CPU Load.
SineVoice     1.00 (07 Oct 1990)
1.00 (25 Mar 1991)
1.00 (04 Mar 1996)     1.01 (05-May-2003)
1.01 (22-Jan-2003)
1.01 (17-Jan-2003)     Sound voice modules.
Compare     04-Jul-1989
John Winters     12-Feb-2003     Command line compare utility which can handle files larger than the maximum wimpslot
Original was APCS-A which wont work with the 32bit SCL, this version can be used on all machines.
Vector     22-Mar-1996
Andy Armstrong     02-Jun-2004     List claimants of software vectors. Updated with new RISC OS 5 vector names.
Where     01-Nov-1995
Andy Armstrong     2.01 (13-May-2007)     Locates which module an address occurs in. Useful for finding the culprit of exceptions.
serlist     11-Jun-1994     08-May-2007     Command line utility to list the installed serial block driver modules, with version numbers. Use -v for full information.