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Which is the best italian language school in Italy ?

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There are a plethora of language schools in Italy. But, which Italian language school in Italy is the best? Today we have looked at different language schools in Italy to try and find the best school and save you the work. If you are looking for an outstanding Italian language school in Italy you have come to the right place. Here are the top ones, not in any order:

1. Scuola Palazzo Malvisi
This beautiful, intimate school in the heart of Bagno Di Romagna. You may not have heard of Bagno Di Romagna but it's a city in Italy, famous for its hot springs. If you're looking for somewhere where you can experience italian life without the plethora of tourists, this place is for you.

Scuola is a school with small class sizes which is perfect for achieving the most of your learning experience. Not only does it have small classes, it also has a variety of course to choose from meaning you aren't held back in your learning and can pick the perfect course for your skill-set. As well as a whole host of courses to choose from, Scuola has a mandatory language placement test. Don't run away in fear at the word test. This is actually a positive. This test will make sure you are placed in the perfect course before you arrive so you can learn without feeling overwhelmed or under-challenged.

2. Centro Koinè

Next in our list of great Italian language schools is Centro Koinè. Based in Bologna, Centro Koinè is an aesthetically pleasing school fit for whatever type of study you are looking for. Not only that, it is also in an extremely beautiful area of Italy which will make learning a breeze.

Like Scuola, Centro Koinè is a small school meaning classes are more intimate and therefore learning is heightened. Another benefits is that all the teachers hold degrees and language qualifications. This ensures that you are getting a quality education and will leave the school feeling satisfied.

3. ARCI-Pasolini Centro di Lingua

Thirdly is a school based by the sea in Castiglioncello called ARCI-Pasolini. This school is outstanding and its exterior emits extravagance.

Unfortunately this school is slightly bigger than the others we have mentioned. However, it makes up for this with its outstanding library and garden. Having a beautiful place to study in makes a surprising amount of difference and you will never run out of material with a huge library at your fingertips.

Sadly, a downside of this school is that course material has to be purchased by the student. This will set you back around 22 euros. Most other language schools provide free materials so you may want to think carefully about this one.

4. Solemar Academy
Last on our list is Solemar Academy. This school is located in Cefalu and has been rated one of the top language schools as well as the top school for leisure.

This school holds all the other academic positives of the previous schools but also isn't lacking when it comes to leisure. With the lively atmosphere and variety of activities, I doubt you could ever be bored studying at Solemar.

5. ABC School is probably the best italian language school in Florence (Italy) and a lot of people think i'm right.
They have very professional teachers and the location is totally amazing.
Very reccomended.