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SEO link building: campaigns of acquisition Editorial link

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Service Link Building or acquisition link is a fundamental element in any campaign SEO. Even if Google currently uses over 200 factors of ranking to determine its rankings, links inbound link) are still one of the signals that are most important to maximize the visibility of a site, indeed I would venture that are of vital importance to achieve substantial results, given the importance of the links in the algorithms that determine the ranking.

The term "link building" is actually obsolete and it is more correct to speak of earning link seen that more that constructed, the link must be earned.


Introduction to SEO Link Building: types of backlink

The backlink toward a web site may fall into these 3 categories:

Editorial: links are inserted spontaneously by webmaster or users that indicate the contents of a web site as resources that are valid and reliable. Are the backlink to which should point to each web site and do not cause (almost never) penalties.
Manuals: links are inserted by SEO Link Builder artificially to spread a Domino server and its resources. May cause penalties if generated by operators who are not competent.
Automatic: links are generated automatically by software that exploit security flaws. These backlink, to avoid completely, are easily classified as spam and cause an algorithmic penalty almost immediately.

What is the Link Building and how it works

The link building is a strategy used by SEO to increase the popularity of a web site (link popularity) through the acquisition of inbound links to your site from place.

Acquire link is a complex process that requires time and expertise as not all links are equal: The backlinks procured with this tactic are of the manual type and if they do not have a whole series of requirements and the semblance of editorial link you may incur penalties algorithmic or manuals.

Characteristics of the profile of backlink

The main characteristics that must submit a profile of natural backlink are:

Authoritativeness: the sources on which will be acquired the links should be the most authoritative and recognized in the reference recess. To determine acquisition strategy will be to this purpose identified the main competitors (through the activities of prospecting link) and the influencer of the sector.

Diversity: understanding as a variety of types of sources from which you are receiving the backlink. For example, receive only link from blogs or only from the forum would be not very credible in the eyes of Google. The diversity also concerns the own caratteriche of backlink: for example a profile of backlink with only link dofollow is just natural, as well as a link profile with a high percentage of backlink with anchor text transactional.

Contextual: the backlink must come from sources on similar topics with respect to the site linked. A site that speaks of culinary recipes can link without destar suspicion the site of a chef for example. Why should link to a site that sells shoes?

Balance: we must find the right balance between the backlink already acquired and those that you are going to procure, trying to make sure that the link profile is always balanced and fulfils all the characteristics listed in the preceding paragraphs.
Strategies used to acquire link

after having studied and understood the reference target, the acquisition campaign link proceeds with these steps:

Content creation: creating interesting content (articles, infografiche, PDF, etc.) that users spread spontaneously because they are considered useful and quality.

The dissemination and promotion of content: the contents will be spread through targeted channels which will ease the virality as for example groups on Facebook or Google Plus, or with press releases created ad hoc and inserted on sites specialized in the distribution.

Reviews, quotations and references: your products or services will be counted by influential bloggers in the reference recess, which will increase brand awareness.

Reporting: periodically receive comprehensive reports relating to link profile of your site with the main KPIS for reference including: No. of backlink, distribution anchor text, link for IP-Subnet, link to domain, etc.

Natural methods and strategies of link building to get links to your website and improve the positioning

Our advanced technique focuses on the construction of strategies of high-level and link of high quality toward your site. For us, the link building, is not a game of numbers, is an art. We have experience with several of our customers, our system, is a winning system. Our strategy of Link Building develops a natural feeling of increase of link and this methodology is essential for a campaign SEO more effective.

From the moment that the link building is one of the most important elements, if not the most important part of any online marketing campaign, is always present in any of our SEO services.

In order to obtain the top positions in the major search engines, we focus on the construction of links of high quality. We analyze the potential incoming links ( inbound links) of high quality so that you get the best results and be associated with sites of high quality.

We also use the authoritative domains to build what is defined as "Trust Rank" which is a value that identifies the confidence that the network assigns you, this is passed from sites of high quality assessed well by Google. Trust your service of link building our experienced professionals working in the sector since 1999.

In SEO positioning, these experts of link building work on all sites of our customers. Would you like to leave a novice paint your portrait? Or would you like to Rembrandt to portray?

SEO positioning will increase your link popularity and link building with marketing strategies which seek to promote something special on your site. We use methodologies with results in the medium-long period for a build a link building natural.

This usually helps to get links from blogs, Pages resources related sites, directories (limited),Home Pages of related sites. Links edu (where applicable), Sociallinks, Social Media Links, reciprocal links (very rarely).

Our service link building is strategic and uses the principles of marketing to achieve an approach of "Best Practices" SEO and link building.

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