We provide quality software for the RISC OS computer platform. We also can be commissioned to do software solutions for education and we're the web managers for the award winnin. so if you need any advice or design work for the Internet then talk to us. (Please note we do not provide software for the Intel/AMD/Windows platform).  Nor are we a part of any other 'Quantum' named company. We don't make Hard drives!   we make software for the finance industry.

Some of our lastest finanacial management software clients include Natwest and Esure Insurance.

New reading software
Developed to improve data input learner reading-speeds, text-chunking skills and counter sub-vocalisation, this program has a bank of 80 dedicated texts, which can be read in a variety of ways. It has a variable speed control, a test feature for each text, and an easy-to-use text & test-creation AUTHORING facility which allows the teacher to input texts and tests to suit the specific needs of learners. 

These and other changes have brought about the need to hold greatly increased amounts of information.  However all the information concerning Human Resources should ideally be held in one place.  An employee’s record is the same if used by payroll, training department, or personnel.  If the various components of the system are not linked, then users have to key information more than once, leading inevitably to errors and inconsistencies, as well as being a waste of valuable time.

On the other hand, the system must also be modular. Different functional areas have different responsibilities, and the system administrator must be able to permit access to the appropriate parts of the system by different groups of users. Similarly, security considerations often require records to be restricted to certain users.

For companies who require more accurate or timely quality assured data, QA-plus is an integrated mobile data capture solution that works off the shelf and grows with your needs both now and in the future.